F1 2020 Replay UI Overhaul

Suggestion to Codemasters by René Engelhardt — Oct 22, 2020


Codemasters releases an official Formula 1 game since 2009. The game represents the official venues, drivers and teams of each season and offers lots of great ways to play and feel what motorsport and Formula 1 is about.

Each installment of the game offers a replay system, to re-live highlights, great overtakes, or interesting scenes. Unfortunately, this system has not been updated ever since the first installment on PC, which is 2010.


My goal from this little project was to get Codemasters' attention and show them that there are people out there that would like a modern approach to replays. This includes important quality of life features, such as skipping to the last and next lap.

Skipping to the previous or next lap is especially important to players that race longer races. It's not problematic if the race duration is 3 laps, but racing a 100% race distance will take over 10 minutes to fast-forward to the end without a feature like this.

The mockup features a couple of more interesting quality of life decision, such as seeing safety car phases, lap markers on the replay progress bar, and slow motion which already is in the game, but not accessible by players.


After posting on the official codemasters forum the developers decided to add a few of the proposed features to the next installment, F1 2021. You are now able to see the lap you're on, allowed to save the full replay to your hard drive, and imporantly skip through previous or next laps. Instead of 10 minutes it only takes a couple of button presses to skip to the end of a race!